Vom Marlowe discussed Avatar: the Last Airbender.

I talked about Delta Swamp Rock, race, and the South.

I had an essay on the Black Eye Anthology, Johnny Ryan, and black humor.

Sean Michael Robinson on trolling natural disasters and the will of God.

I review Miranda Lambert’s pop country album Revolution.

Richard Cook on Giallo, violent Italian crime films.

A shoulder-shrugging country mix download for your listening pleasure.

I discuss race and the television show heroes.

And finally, I consider DC’s sexism and wish the company would just go out of business already.

And the Featured Archive post this week discusses fashion, fine art, and ontology.

Utilitarians Everywhere

At the Washington Times I sneer at Pearl Jam Cameron Crowe’s new documentary about same. Pearl Jam fans in comments freak out. You’d think I’d insulted Art Spiegelman or something.

At Splice Today I talk about Thelma and Louise and Women in Prison films.

And also at Splice Today I review Balam Acab’s latest effusion of New Age hipness.

Other Links

Archie Out of Context tumblr courtesy of Erica Friedman.

Charles Reece has a great essay on whiteness in Cowboys and Aliens and Attack the Block, part of the Pussy Goes Grrr Blogathon.

Michael Dooley interviews Percy Crosby’s daughter.

The Atlantic has a good article about K Pop taking over Japan.

Tessa Strain on the new Wonder Woman reboot.

C.T. May on Playboy Magazine.

TCJ with a big Johnny Ryan interview.

Slate with an article on the economics of being a fashion model.

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