Next week we’ve got an exciting blog crossover event happening…and at the end of October, beginning of November we’ve got not one but two roundtables. So keep your internet pointed here, true believers!


This weeks’ Featured Archive post discusses the Amish battle against the superheroes.

We started the week out with Erica Friedman on Yamazaki Mari’s cross-cultural public bath manga Thermae Romae.

I talked about men, feminism, Die Hard and Y: The Last Man.

I discussed my mild disappointment with Bob Haney and Ramona Fradon’s Metamorpho.

I have a brief piece on Perotin, Juliana Barwick, and solipsistic oneness.

Sean Michael Robinson talks about the fallout of becoming an internet meme.

Ian Scott explains why Dave Sim’s Judenhass is a mess.

A free pop crap download mix for your listening pleasure.

And Nadim Damluji provides a survey of contemporary Arab comics.

Utilitarians Everywhere

At Splice Today I review Steven Glain’s State vs. Defense and wonder why American’s are such craven cowards.

I review the botched genre product of Colombiana.

And I discuss Amen Dunes’ latest album Through Donkey Jaws, and discuss the deadend pop avant garde legacy of the Beatles.

Other Links

Forbidden Planet on the HU best comics poll.

Alyssa Rosenberg on superheroes and marriage.

Heidi needs to switch to Green Lantern websites.

Michael Fiffe talks about indie creators and superhero work at the Factual Opinion.

The Atlantic looks at the legacy of Thelma and Louise.

At Comixology, Tucker Stone talks about the DC relaunch.

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