We continued our roundtable on Habibi and Orientalism with discussions by Ng Suat Tong, Corey Creekmur, Caroline Small, and a short one by me. Lots of comments as well.

Robert Stanley Martin with a lengthy post on Eddie Campbell’s’ Alec: The Years Have Pants.

I talk about manliness and The James Bond comic strip.

Vom Marlowe on the horrible Birds of Prey TV show.

Bert Stabler on the awesome poster artist Keith Herzik.

And I talk about Kate Beaton and the Web.

Utilitarians Everywhere

At the Atlantic I talk about men, women, and the remake of John Carpenter’s Thing.

Other Links

Eddie Campbell replies to Nadim Damluji’s post about Habibi.

And Campbell replies to Suat’s post. In comments Milo George credits me with stunting comics criticism for a generation.

Over at Grantland they have what seems like the definitive takedown of the DC reboot. (Thanks to Eric Berlatsky, aka “my brother” for sending me the link.)

Along those lines, this cracked me up.

Bert Stabler has a great essay about two Paul Nudd curated shows at the Hyde Park Arts Center.

And it’s good to see someone arguing with the neuroscientists.

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