Our Featured Archive post this week was Domingos Isabelinho on the mother/daughter art of Dominique Goblet and Nikita Fossoul.

Most of this week was devoted to our roundtable on the Drifting Classroom, with contributions by Jason Thompson, Shaenon Garrity, Sean Michael Robinson, Richard Cook, Joe McCulloch,and me.

We also had a dialogue about Jaime Hernandez, soap operas and Quentin Tarantino, which starts with this post by Caroline Small, wends its way through a massive number of comments, and continues with this post by Katherine Wirick.
Utilitarians Everywhere

I talked about Bjork and Life on Earth at Splice Today.

I discuss In Time and capitalist dreams at the Atlantic.
Other Links

Franklin Einspruch on excellence in art.

Chris Mautner on DC’s 52/

TCJ has an intersting looking habibi roundtable.

Eric Berlatsky (aka “my brother”) talks about his anthology of Alan Moore interviews.

And here’s the horror Manga Movable Feast archive post, which our Drifting Classroom roundtabl

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