In our Featured Archive post this week, Aaron Costain looked at comics and architectural drawings.

Erica Friedman on the continuing relevance of small presses.

I talk about Eugene Thacker’s In the Dust of the Planet and why we can’t escape the roaches.

Domingos Isabelinho discussed the work of Shannon Gerard.

Eric Berlatsky offered some sample Alan Moore quotes from the forthcoming (Updated: not forthcoming! already released!) volume Alan Moore: Conversations.

Nadim Damluji looked at Orientalism in Craig Thompson’s Habibi

Susan Kirtley discussed the greatness of Lynda Barry.

I reviewed Stephen Glain’s State and Defense and linked our empire to our national cowardice.

I looked at Orientalism in Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell’s Sandman story “Ramadan”.

And I posted a jangly pop mix download with the Bangles, Beatles, Bee Gees, and more.

Utilitarians Everywhere

For Splice Today I reviewed Kate Beaton’s new Hark a Vagrant! collection.

And also for Splice I looked at Alan Wolfe’s new book Political Evil

Other Links

Robert Stanley Martin reviews Howard Chaykin’s American Flagg over at Pol Culture.

Shannon Smith has a really amusing breakdown of the new Animal Man #1

At Splice Today, Tripp Weber argues that Wikipedia needs advertising.

Craig Fischer talks about Pluto and doubling in his new TCJ column.

Tucker Stone does what he does, and Mr. Terrific sounds horrible.

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