Featured archive post: Lilli CarrĂ©’s animation for a Wallace Stevens poem.

Dan Kois on Lynda Barry’s pedagogy.

Marguerite Van Cook talks about comic book crowd scenes and the Kantian sublime.

Caroline Small on comics, writing, and reading.

Joy DeLyria on reboots and retrogarde representations of women, looking especially at Star Trek and Nolan’s Batman.

I talk about natural creativity and wearing your mother’s skin.

I talk briefly about Wonder Woman’s new origin. Extra fun: see me get slapped about in comments.

Richard Cook on Argento’s Deep Red.

I review an anthology of stories in Kafka’s spirit which for that reason aren’t really in Kafka’s spirit.

Vom Marlowe talks about the ALA and rubber chickens.

Utilitarians Everywhere

At Splice Today I argue that Khruschev was more honorable and courageous than Obama.
Other Links

Laurie Penny talks about harrassment of women on the internet.

Why Andy Rooney is an idiot.

Goodbye to the Giant Squid.

Matthias Wivel on the crisis at L’Association.

Eric Berlatsky reviews the new anthology of Charles Schulz’s prose.

Anja Flower pointed me in the direction of this pretty great essay by Susan Stryker about Frankenstein and transgender people.

James Romberger interviews Gary Groth about the new Fanta collection of Barks comics.


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