In our Featured Archive post this week, James Romberger discusses the critique of Christianity in the work of artist David Wojnarowicz.”

I talk about decadent viewers and decadent villains in 13 Assassins.

Sina Evil on Gay Ghetto comics.

I reviewed Marston/Peter Wonder Woman #25.

Robert Stanley Martin on Julian Barnes’ Sense of an Ending.

Nadim Damluji interviews Craig Thompson about Habibi and Orientalism.

I compare Kyrli Bonfiglioli’s All the Tea in China to Peter Carey’s The True History of the Kelly Gang.

I talk about Bella, Katniss and (fear of?) femininity. (Caroline Small makes a special guest appearance.)

I explain why Obama is no Khruschev.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At the Atlantic, I had a post about Twilight and the Hunger Games.

At Splice Today I argue that Herman Cain’s campaign does not mean that ideology has trumped racism.

Also at Splice I talk about frame stories and narrative in How To Train Your Dragon. (Also why it’s better than Harry Potter.)
Other Links

Shanenon Garrity asks various folks (including me) what comics adaptations they would and would not like to see.

Ty Templeton’s blog is really entertaining.

Rod Dreher on empathy and justice in light of the Penn State scandal.

Tucker Stone with a long interview with Mark Waid.

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