In our Featured Archive post Alex Buchet talks six degrees of Ezra Pound.

I review the self-erasing Hollywood flick Prince of Persia.

Caroline Small’s Godard roundtable continued this week. We should have a couple more posts (one of them at least of epic proportions), and we’ll finish up on Monday.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At the Washington Times I talked about shopping in the Wal-Mart music section.

On Splice Today I review Amy Winehouse’s posthumous album.

I participated in the Atlantic’s best films of the year effort with a short review of The Interrupters.
Other Links

Robert Stanley Martin on James Baldwin’s Go Tell It On the Mountain.

Salon has an interesting piece on Tibet in comics.

Dr. Nerdlove on nerds and male privilege.

A terrifying 80s Yugoslavia music video.

E.D. Kain convinces me I should vote for Ron Paul.

And C.T. May with a skeptical take on Christopher Hitchens.

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