We’re going to be off tomorrow and the 26th, because I am just that assimilated. Never fear though; we’ll be back on Tuesday with (hopefully!) Caro’s massive concluding post to our Godard roundtable.

I talk about sin, salvation and Celine Dion.

Warren Craghead drew a 120+ page shot-by-shot remake of Godard’s Breathless.

Matthias Wivel talks about the problems with ideological critique in reference to Habibi and HU. (Eddie Campbell responded on his blog, and Heidi responded at the Beat.

I put together a downloadable death metal music mix.

Robert Stanley Martin on the photography of Brassai.

I talk about Octavia Butler and feminist submission.

And Tom Crippen curated a gallery of Robert Binks’ holiday cards and other art.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At Splice Today, I talk about how I’d kind of consider voting for Ron Paul.

At the Atlantic I review the Black Power Mixtape, a DVD composed of Swedish footage of the black power movement.

Also at the Atlantic, I talk about Spielberg, Herge, and race.
Other Links

Tom Spurgeon interviews Tucker Stone.

Neal Pollack on his relationship with Christopher Hitchens.

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