For our Featured Archive post, Richard Cook provides a gallery of comic book santas.

Richard Cook on Tron Legacy and our beneficent economic overlords.

Me on Grant Morrison’s Batmen and the endless iteration of our pop crap souls.

Me on Wonder Woman #25 and Habibi.

Eddie Campbell (from comments) on Persepolis and Habibi.

A download of music from women singers around the world.

Tom Crippen with a gallery of work by cartoonist and illustrator Robert Binks.
Utilitarians Everywhere

On Splice Today I review a rereleased album by the Nigerian Lijadu Sisters.

Also on Splice, I argue that Ron Paul’s racism doesn’t necessarily lose him my vote since his opponents are either actual or wannabe war criminals and torturers.
Other Links

Monika Bartyzel on the sexualization of Lisbeth in Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Dan Kois on Broadcast News.

Ethan Heitner with a comic interview with a Palestinian artist and activist.

Laura Hudson with a great review of Carla Speed McNeil’s Finder.

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