This week’s featured archive post, Richard Cook looks at portrayals of East Asians in comics covers.

James Romberger on Fantagraphics new Alex Toth collection.

I talk about superheroes, the good, the powerful, and Ben Saunders’ book Do The Gods Wear Capes?

Tom Crippen curates another gallery of work by illustrator and cartoonist Bob Binks.

We highlight some comments by Monika Bartyzel on Bella, Buffy, Katniss, femininity and feminism.

I talk about feminism, love, and obedience in the film Ella, Enchanted.

Erica Friedman on the sublimely pretentious gittery of food manga.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At the Atlantic I talk about the new film Shame, and why porn is less offensive than male angst.

At Splice I explain why I may vote for Mitt Romney in the Republican primary.

And also at Splice I review the 70s Korean psych rock classic Now, by Kim Jung Mi.

Other Links

Excerpts from Marc Singer’s new book on Grant Morrison.

Eleanor Barkhorn on how Twilight finally lost her.

Tucker Stone blogs through TCJ #38.

And more Tucker, this time with high quality industry snark.

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