Our featured archive post for the week is Bert Stabler on abject feminist performance art.

I and others had a conversation about Dan Clowes, knowledge, and power in Ghost World.

Caroline Small talked about high and heavy concepts in art and comics.

I talked about sound effects in Tiny Titans.

Erica Friedman discussed the Arab shounen manga Gold Ring.

We had several posts on the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: Kinukitty; Monika Bartyzel; Eric Berlatsky.

Ben Crossland explains Islamic finance.

Sean Michael Robinson discussed Mizuki’s Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths.

Robert Stanley Martin on the history and legacy of TCJ.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At Splice Today I review music from saharan cellphones.

Also at Splice I argue that Rick Perry is not a strategic genius.
Other Links

Derik Badman on Deborah Turbeville.

The Atlantic on Linda Lovelace.

The Devil Inside makes a bunch of money.

Tim Hodler on gag cartoons and conceptual art.

Vom Marlowe talks about her contribution to the Wallace Stevens roundtable.

James Romberger interviews Sammy Harkham.

Dan Nadel on conceptual art.

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