I talked about artists in their work in 24, Fanny Hill, Yuichi Yokoyama, and more.

Russ Maheras reviewed Dale’s Comic Fanzine Price Guide.

I reviewed James Loewen’s book about northern segregation Sundown Towns.

Caroline Small talked about the Cold War, Soviet anti-racist propaganda, and the Civil Rights movement.

Sean Michael Robinson argued with his grandmother about magicians and architects.

I posted a download mix of country weepers.

I talked about R. Crumb’s love/hate relationship with blackface and the blues.

And Vom Marlowe praised the BBC show New Tricks.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At the Atlantic I reviewed Beneath the Blindfold, a new documentary that looks at the effects of torture on those who survive it.

At Splice Today I reviewed the autobiography of Charlie Louvin, part of the great country duet the Louvin Brothers.
Other Links

Conor Fridedersdorfer talks about Obama’s crappy civil liberty record.

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