In this week’s Featured Archive post, Kinukitty discusses her irritation with Ghost World.

We looked back at the year on HU.

I talked about the mystery of Yuichi Yokoyama’s Travel.

Domingos Isabelinho reviews Fantagraphics’ Carl Barks volume.

Caroline Small on the illustration work of Ellen Raskin.

Richard Cook on playing the Elder Scrolls v. Skyrim.

Franklin Einspruch and Caroline Small talk about theory, art, and academia.

I talk about Breaking Bad, Weeds, and the addiction of narrative.

And her’s a downloadable Bollywood mix.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At the Atlantic I talk about The Devil Inside and demonic possession for all.

At Splice I make fun of pundit Ed Kilgore’s desperate attempt to pretend he’s relevant.

And I talk about psychedelic warbler Kali Bahlu and the limits of hippie assimilation, also at Splice.
Other Links

A claymation remake of John Carpenter’s The Thing.

Franklin Einspruch on bad art in comics.

Scott Meslow on the found footage horror film fad.

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