In our Featured Archive post I look at the blank fugue that is Gantz.

I argue that Joe Shuster’s Superman and Joe Shuster’s fetish comics aren’t all that different.

Ng Suat Tong on the sadomasochism in Alex Raymond’s Flash Gordon.

The new Dr. Manhattan cover appears to have been designed by fools.

I talk about excess meaning in Bert Stabler’s Nanonuts, Frank Miller’s Daredevil,and Hokusai’s 100 views.

I asked how people found this site and how they follow it. Please add your comments if you’d like!

James Romberger on an accelerated production of Hamlet and Before Watchmen.

Kinukitty on Yakuza Café and tea.

A closer, brief look at coloring changes in Watchmen to see if they affected the Sally Jupiter narrative.

Robert Stanley Martin on Godard’s A Married Woman.

A 60s bluegrass gospel mix download.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At Splice Today I look at the puzzling nostalgia of Tim McGraw’s Emotional Traffic.

Also at Splice I argue that there is no fancy explanation needed, the GOP candidates just suck.
Other Links

Jim Shooter on the Ghost Rider IP mess.

Caroline Small drew my attention to the fact that the Virginia legislature has passed some impressively crappy abortion legislation.

Yan Basque says that 6 issues in the new Wonder Woman series is not any good.

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