In our Featured Archive post, P.M. Newton argues that the Wire pulls its punches when it comes to police corruption.

Jones, One of the Jones Boys, looks at Before Watchmen and asks of Alan Moore who lifts from the lifters?

I talk about why How To Train Your Dragon is better than Harry Potter.

Erica Friedman interviewed Marguerite Dabaie, creator of Hookah Girl.

A smooth 70s soul downloadable mix.

Sean Michael Robinson interviwed Gerhard about craft at great length.

I talked about morality and entertainment in Flannery O’Connor and Breaking Bad.

Kailyn Kent on Adam Hines’ Duncan the Wonder Dog.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At the Atlantic I discuss Bill Monroe’s pop legacy. Watch people flip out in comments when I express glancing dislike of Bela Fleck.

At Splice Today I discuss my skepticism about the economic recovery.

At Splice I describe the unpleasant sensation of rooting for Santorum.

At Splice I talk Joni Mitchell vs. Kate Bush.
Other Links

Alan David Doane on Before Watchmen: scab comics for scab readers.

Cheryl Lynn on listening to black creators, not black characters.

J. Caleb Mozzocco on the mediocrity of the creators on Before Watchmen.

Johnny Ryan on cartoonists vs. radical Islam.

Mahendra Singh is involved in this poetry and comics event next week in New York.

Qiana Whitted on Toni Morrison and how to draw comics characters without giving away their race.

Alex Massie wonders how much better off we might all be if the U.S. hadn’t elected three psychopaths in a row to the presidency.

And late-breaking plug; Marguerite Van Cook is participating in a play/performance extravaganza in Brooklyn, if you’re thereabouts.

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