In our Featured Archive post this week, Caroline Small explained why Jaime Hernandez is (unfortunately) not like a soap opera.

I reviewed albums by two punk rock girl bands: Shonen Knife and Forever.

I reviewed a book about rock and the apocalypse and argued that rock realy is the devil’s music.

Most of this week was devoted to our ongoing Jaime Hernandez roundtable. This week we had posts by Marc Sobel, Derik Badman, James Romberger, and Richard Cook. You can see an index for the whole ongoing roundtable here.

And finally Monika Bartyzel explained why Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Xander Harris is a sexist ass.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At Splice Today, I talk about trying and failing to vote for Romney in Illinois.
Other Links

Eli Zaretsky on Obama and the limits of reason.

A nice post on Chet Baker.

On defiling Corto Maltese.

Robert Stanley Martin and Tom Spurgeon talk about Watchmen, canons, and Calvin and Hobbes here and again here. As a bonus, Tom explains in some detail why he despises HU in general and me in particular.

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