In our Featured Archive point this week, I talked about the sublime incoherence of Moto Hagio’s story, “A Drunken Dream.”

I discussed the bonus sexism of incompetent comics cheesecake.

I talked about war and masochism in Wonder Woman Chronicles volume 1.

Robert Stanley Martin discussed Anais Nin’s fiction of the 30s and 40s.

Kinukitty reviewed the manly assassin yaoi of This Night’s Everything.

I looked at Patrick Conlon and Michael Manning’s sci-fi fetish porn comic Tranceptor.

James Romberger looked at comics by Adrian Tomine, Steranko, Toth, Chester Brown, and more.

Joy DeLyria with a short history of long (and continuing) fiction.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At the Chicago Reader I review the magazine Midwestern Gothic. Neither Midwestern nor Gothic; discuss.

At Splice I argue that using children to make progressive points about schooling is not progressive.

At Splice Today I talk about how Sinead O’Connor hasn’t moved on.

Other Links

Virginia legislators stop being idiots.

Bad review bingo.

Tucker Stone has some almost nice things to say about Red Hood (plus other reviews.

Kelly Thompson explains that superhero women are not drawn equally.

Andrew Sullivan on the movie Bully and the MPA rating system. Linda Holmes on the same thing.

Alyssa Rosenberg expands on my thoughts on superhero cheesecake.

Depressing piece about sexism in the video game community.

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