Trina Robbins, Re-Inventing Wonder Woman — Again!

Noah Berlatsky, Villainy, Thy Name Is Woman

Noah Berlatsky and son, There’s Something Besides Fire to Contend With Here!

Jones, One of the Jones Boys, How Do You Solve a Problem Like Diana?

Kelly Thompson, Wonder Woman: It’s In Her DNA

Sina, Goddesses of the Lesbiverse

Vom Marlowe, On Wonder Woman, Bondage, and Princess Leia

William Marston, On Sorority Baby Parties

Sharon Marcus, Wonder Woman vs. Wonder Woman

Ben Saunders, Loving Authority: Some Thoughts on Wonder Woman #28

Ben Saunders, on William Marston and Sex

Vom Marlowe, Wonder Woman and the Space Crocs of Nikszkelion

Richard Cook, A Fanboy Denied

Derik Badman, A Peter That Never Existed

Charles Reece, On Second Thought, I Really Don’t Like Wonder Woman, part 1, part 2.

Three years and a month ago I started a series called Bound to Blog in which I blogged my way through the entire Marston/Peter run on Wonder Woman. It’s taken a while, but I’ve finally come to the last Marston script — Wonder Woman #28. To celebrate, I’ve asked a bunch of friends and fellow Marston/Peter travelers to contribute to a roundtable focusing on this final issue.

And if that all isn’t enough Wonder Woman reading, you can check out my first ever post on Wonder Woman, which coincidentally focuses on Wonder Woman #28.

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