This is an index of posts in our Locas Roundtable. Links to each post will be added as they go up.
Deb Aoki, From Hoppers to Honolulu: A Fan Letter to Jaime Hernandez

Noah Berlatsky. When You And I Were Young, Maggie

Jones, One of the Jones Boys, Why 50 Million Jaime Fans Can’t Be Wrong

Marc Sobel, Thoughts on Love & Rockets New Stories 3 and 4

Derik Badman, La Maggie, La Superhero

James Romberger, Exes and Ohs

Richard Cook, Love and Rockets and Lesbians

Robert Stanley Martin, Rereading the Locas Stories

Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz, Locas…Y La Loca Perdida

Jason Michelitch, Disjointed Glimpses, or, The Wrong Way to Read Locas

Corey Creekmur, Remembering Locas

Eric Berlatsky, Lightning Only Strikes Twice Once, Y’Know”: Phallic Mothers, Fetishism, and Replacement in the Comics of Los Bros Hernandez, Part One, and Part Two


Pulled this image from this Inkstuds post, which includes a mixtape by Jaime. Can’t go wrong with Johnny Cash, James Brown and the Pixies (though that is not the Dolly Parton song to pick.)

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