I’m pleased to announce that Kailyn Kent will be joining us as a regular columnist. At the moment, she’s planning for her column to focus on the links between comics and the fine art world. Kailyn’s written several posts for us already, and we’re very excited to have her appear here regularly.

In other news…I’ve mentioned this here and there already, but thought I’d semi-officially let folks know that I’ve gotten a book contract to write about the William Marston/Harry Peter Wonder Woman. As is always the case with these things, it’ll be several years before it’s written and available — but you can start hoarding your pennies now, I suppose! In the meantime, if you can’t wait for WW copy, you can read my past posts on her here. And we’re also going to have a roundtable in the beginning of May celebrating my having blogged my way through all of the Marston/Peter WW.

And…we got our first link from the Dish! To Michael Arthur’s Kpop article (I’m a fan of Andrew Sullivan’s, so I was excited.)


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Utilitarians Everywhere

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