Our Featured Archive Post this week was my discussion of Moto Hagio’s Half-Drawn.

I talk about the television show Bones’ stupid take on extreme metal.

Me on the crappy Azzarello/Chiang Wonder Woman.

Jeet Heer on why Watchmen isn’t so great.

I talk about the brutal boy’s love of Let Dai.

A NWOBHM download mix.

That incidentally finished up a week long Metal Apocalypse.

Domingos Isabelinho on John Porcellino.

Lindsey Bahr on Dystopian fashions in Hunger Games and Gattaca.

Kailyn Kent on the relationship between comics and galleries.
Utilitarians Everywhere
At the Chicago Reader, I sneer at a bunch of crappy DC and Marvel titles.

At Splice Today I argue that we won’t get decent health care until we’re willing to see it as an issue of basic equality.
For those of you who haven’t, you might check out my old Gay Utopia project. Contributions by Edie Fake, Lilli CarrĂ©, Ursula Le Guin, Matt Thorn, Michael Manning, Johnny Ryan, Eric Berlatsky, Julia Serano…and tons more.

Tucker does his thing, with Abhay and Jog guesting.

Chris Roberson on quitting DC over their treatment of Alan Moore and generally shitty creator’s rights practices. Righteous move by Timothy Hodler in getting the interview.

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