Featured Archive Post: James Romberger’s comic based on a Wallace Stevens poem.

Ng Suat Tong calls for nominations for best comics criticism and surveys the state of comics criticism.

I talk about romance and convention in Room With a View and The African Queen.

Vom Marlowe on the Canadian steampunk of Murdoch Mysteries.

Katherine Wirick on Rorschach as rape victim.

Michael Arthur on the mysterious joy of kpop.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At Splice Today I review the lovely new Justin Townes Earle album.
Other Links

Charles Reece on the Hunger Games as Confederate fantasy.

Eric Cohen reviews Stanley Hauerwas’ new book on American militarism.

Ta-Nehisi Coates on black communities against violence.

Shaenon Garrity on the greatest cartoonists of our generation.

Alyssa Rosenberg on adults reading YA.

My brother got nominated for an Eisner!

Catholic high school kids for gay marriage in the teeth of their idiotic hierarchy.

Isaac Butler on gender balance in his syllabus.

Robert Stanley Martin on Gustave Flaubert.

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