These are some characters from my in-the-works gay erotic superhero comic Atash and the Man-Gods of the Homoverse which is heavily indebted to the works of Marston and Peter. Obviously none of the Man-Gods are pictured here – this is a Wonder Woman roundtable – but Atash is the god of passion who leaves the home of the Man-Gods (where dominance and submission is pretty much business as normal) in order to fight prejudice and prudery in the human world. As well as the Man-Gods of the Homoverse, there is a race of lesbian goddesses who are even closer to the Amazons, perhaps, and include:

the passionate, feline Queen of Bliss:

the indifferent, icy Queen of the Cold:

the obsessive mermaid Queen of the Deep:

and the bird-clawed Goddess of Pain.

I am obviously doing different things with my characters than Marston and Peter did with theirs, but I hope my work is a tribute to the spirit of theirs and their combination of weird personal obsessions, fantasy, mythology and social commentary.
Update by Noah:

You can see more of Sina’s artwork at his website.

The index to the entire roundtable on Wonder Woman #28 is here.

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