In our Featured Archive Post, Richard Cook provides a history of Wonder Woman in covers.

Our roundtable on the Marston/Peter Wonder Woman continued. with criticism by Sharon Marcus, Ben Saunders, and Richard Cook. Plus William Marston on sorority hazing rituals. And also, a fan comic by Vom Marlowe featuring space crocodiles, matriarchal otters, and a guest appearance by Etta Candy.

Erica Friedman wrote about Maurice Sendak and learning to care — and not to.

And in our new voices from the archive feature, Gail Simone discusses Wonder Woman and Mary Sues.

Utilitarians Everywhere

At Splice Today I wrote about Naomi Schaefer Riley’s concern trolling about teacher activism.

Other Links

Chris Mautner on why he’s not seeing the Avengers.

An original page from Wonder Woman #28.

It looks like the Sun-Times is going to buy the Chicago Reader.

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