We have transferred our archive from our blogspot address. There are still a few kinks in the system, but hopefully all will be worked out by the end of next week. So take a look around if you get a chance — and we’ll be featuring some older posts in various ways going forward.

Alex Buchet reviewed the new Avengers film, and discussed the creator’s rights issues it raised.

Most of this week was devoted to our roundtable on Wonder Woman #28. The roundtable index is here. Check it out for posts by Trina Robbins, me, my eight-year-old son, Jones One of the Jones Boys, Kelly Thompson, Sina, and Vom Marlowe.

Incidentally, you can read all of my reviews of the entire run of Marston/Peter Wonder Woman comics here.

In our Featured Archive Post, Sean Michael Robinson and Joy Delyria report on Emily Bronte’s relationship with her publisher and the unicorn in Wuthering Heights.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At Splice Today I review the banal slog that is Guy Delisle’s Jerusalem.

Other Links

Really funny letter by Adam Yauch. RIP.

Jason Michelitch with a great review of the sex and violence and nationalism in the Captain America movie.

Monika Bartyzel on the depressing sexism in the superhero genre. Also on how Marston/Peter were great.

A new James Romberger comics.

Shocking new data shows that schools do better if you give them more money.

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