Susie Bright and the haters.

Caroline Small on gender and the unreliable narrator in Ghost World.

Featured Archive Post: Marguerite Van Cook on comics and the sublime.

Allan Haverholm on language and “comics.

Nicolas Labarre with a essay in comics form on 2000 Maniacs!

Connor Delaney on composition in Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home.

I talk about gender essentialism, brokeback Catwoman, and the origin of the world.

Vom Marlowe on the virtues of Mercedes Lackey’s sparkly horses.

I recommend some Anthony Heilbut gospel recordings.

And finally we did a bunch of posts on Neil Gaiman this week. I review Gaiman’s shitty Neverwhere. I talked about Neil Gaiman’s Best American comics and Sandman’s evaporating legacy. Mercer Finn on some of the limitations of Sandman. James Romberger and Robert Stanley Martin talk about Gaiman and the art in Sandman.

Utilitarians Everywhere

At Slate I review Anthony Heilbut’s marvelous new book The Fan Who Knew Too Much.

At Splice I explain that Bill Maher is a bigoted dick.

At Splice Today I review a great new album of plant-worshipping black metal by Botanist.

Other Links

C.T. May takes down Woody Allen.

Erica Jong on Huffington Post’s evil business model.

Bert Stabler with a lovely piece on language.

A long interview with Melinda Beasi.

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