Did I mention that Jones One of the Jones Boys has joined us as a contributing writer? He has!

Our Featured Archive post this week was my massive interview with Johnny Ryan.

I talk about Katana, superheroine without cheesecake.

Alex Buchet on Prometheus and Ridley Scott’s fever dreams.

I argue that Before Watchmen is a shitty idea because of labor practices, not copyright.

Isaac Butler explains why Prometheus is no good. (Lots of spoilers.)

Domingos Isabelinho on M.S. Bastian, Isabelle L., and Lego concentration camps.

Ben Saunders in praise of Bendis and Ultimate Spider-Man.

Ryan Melcher on color in Heath and Murray’s “Hearts and Minds.” This post is a response to an assignment by Phillip Troutman. We’ll have more papers from his class over the next few weeks.
Utilitarians Everywhere
At Splice I write about men in Pretty Woman.
Other Links

Robert Stanley Martin on The Shark King.


Comic book publishers and desperate marketing gambits.

Dominic Umile on the Green River Killer.


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