Featured Archive Post: I talk about the weirdness that is Garfield’s Nine Lives.

I write about seeing yourself as Rogue seeing yourself in Lacan

James Romberger on comics by Meskin, Johnson, Strnad/Corben and more.

Caroline Small on why David Lowry is a crappy spokesperson for copyright policy.

From the archive, Kelly Thompson on Rogue.

Richard Cook with a history of early superheroines in covers.

Marguerite Van Cook on the postmodern sublime in comics.

A downloadable mix of jazzy fuzoid.

I talk about Carla Speed McNeil, Anna Freud, and beating fantasies.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At Splice Today I review Merle Haggard’s last great album.

Also at Splice I argue that more books doesn’t mean better schools. Also, a bonus drawing of an alien waiting for the bus by my son.
Other Links

Brigid Alverson profiled.

Jessica Valenti on the difference between funny and unfunny rape jokes.

Mary McCarthy speaks out for lazy parents everywhere.

And Alyssa Rosenberg dubs me an honorary hypersensitive lady.

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