I talk about Quentin Blake’s beautiful “The Story of the Dancing Frog.”

In our Featured Archive Post, Alex Buchet discusses Herge’s struggles with race.

Ng Suat Tong on Joe Sacco’s Journalism.

Alex Buchet on his experiments with spoiler technology.

Robert Stanley Martin on Godard’s Alphaville.

Isaac Butler stages a brutal gritty cage match between The Wire and Johnie To’s Election films.

I stage a cage match between Al Columbia and the electronica of Taragana Pyjarama; the winner receives the postmodern sublime.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At The Atlantic I review the documentary Queen of Versailles.

At Esquire I look at some lesser known Bat villains.

At Splice Today I compare the Bain Scandal to the Jeremiah Wright Scandal.

Also at Splice I review Tommy Flander’s forgotten sixties hippie folk masterpiece The Moonstone.


Other Links

Ben Winters (that’s my cousin!) talks about his new apocalyptic detective novel.

The Guardian on a possible Chicago teacher’s strike.

Alex Pareene takes down Aaron Sorkin.

CBR with a really nice piece on Wonder Woman’s lasso.

James Fallows on Americans and guns.

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