I finished a first draft of my Wonder Woman book. Lots of work left to go, but it seemed worth noting….

Featured Archive Post: Tom Crippen on Michael Corleone as Mary Sue.

I panned DC’s New 52.

I wrote about Nick Black’s super-awesome urine recycling alien.

Subdee explained Homestuck, the metatext of doom.

Kailyn Kent on comics in the age of mechanical reproduction.

I made a twee faery folk download.

Ben Saunders critiques the ideological critiques of superheroes.

I talked about Dara Birnbaum’s influential Wonder Woman video art.

Vom Marlowe looked at DMP’s online manga offerings.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At Splice Today I talk about gun control and politicization.

And also at Splice I explain why a NYRB writer is not the person to ask about writing.
Other Links

The LARB reviews the new David Wojnarowicz biography.

Inebriated Spook on why we shouldn’t blame the manic pixie dream girls.

Eric Berlatsky reviews Jeet Heer and Kent Worcester’s Arguing Comics.

This made me feel better about shopping at Amazon.

Jezebel on listening to rapists on Reddit.

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