Earlier this week I suggested that while the Nadel/Hodler tcj.com has many virtues, it continues to suffer from cliquishness. Sean Collins tweeted a reply:

The Hooded Utilitarian accusing Nadel/Hodler of cliquishness is always, and will always be, absolutely hilarious.

A couple of people asked Sean for clarification politely, and I asked for clarification less politely, because I was pissed off (Sean annoys me like few people on the internet, as I’m sure he’ll be pleased to hear.)

However, he declined to expound…so that leaves it up to HU readers, I suppose. How are we cliquish — or, less invidiously, what should we be covering that we aren’t? What aren’t we doing that we should? Or what are we doing that we shouldn’t? Let me know below…and if no one comments, I guess I’ll just assume I’m perfect!

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