Me on Sean Collins and the cliquishness of HU.

Me on Source Code and the mainstreaming of Philip K. Dick.

Domingos Isabelinho on Marcos Mendes.

Subdee on Araki Hirohiko’s Rohan at the Louvre. (part 1; part 2)

Melinda Beasi on the Bechdel Test and Nana.

Me on the off-putting self-referentiality of Godard’s “Band of Outsiders.”

Me on the slick repulsiveness of Minority Report.

Richard Cook on the checkered history of Batman on screen.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At Splice Today I ask experts for their recommendations on the best detective fiction.

Again at Splice I talk about Total Recall and how Philip K. Dick anticipates his own remaking.

And finally at Splice, I praise Co la’s sublime future-past electronica.
Other Links

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