This is the index to the 5th anniversary Hooded Utilitarian roundtable in which contributors write about the worst (or most overrated, or disliked) comics ever. Except for the introduction and conclusion, the index is organized in order by contributors’ names, and will be updated throughout the roundtable.

UPDATE: A subject index which lists all comics (and other things) hated in the hatefest is now here.
Introduction: Why Hate?

Nate Atkinson, “The Purest Hate of All”

Derik Badman, “Dungeons and Nostalgia”

Melinda Beasi, “The Color of Hate”

Noah Berlatsky, “Nana #22”

Noah Berlatsky, “Thomas Nast and the Art of Betrayal”

Alex Buchet, “Spirou and Fantasio: Racism for Kids”

Isaac Butler, “V for Vile”

Matthew Brady, “Speaking Power to Stupid: The Ever-Dumb Green Lantern Comics of Geoff Jones”

Jacob Canfield, “Wow We Just Don’t Care, Do We: The Inanity of Tank Girl”

Cerusee, “Midnight of the Roundtable”

Richard Cook, “Onslaught of the 90s”

Tom Crippen, “The Extended Laces, Or Drusilla’s Fatal Brochure”

Kate Dacey, “Peace and Hate”

Craig Fischer, “And You Fuck Them Up Right Back: Stitches and the Ethics of Memoir”

Conseula Francis, “Why I Hate Watchmen”

Shaenon Garrity, “The Hooded Utilitarian Comics Hating List of Love”

Steven Grant, “In Search of Bad Comics”

Domingos Isabelinho, “Funky Flashman”

Jones, One of the Jones Boys, “Could There Be a Worst Comic of All Time?”

Kinukitty, “Gluey Tart: Takes on Maus”

Susan Kirtley, “Why I Dislike Betty and Veronica to the Utmost of My Abilities”

Vom Marlowe, “A Piercing Glimpse of Pants”

Joe McCulloch (Jog), “Il Dolce Libro”

Jason Michelitch, “The Devil You Thought You Knew, The Devil You Wish You Didn’t”

Otrebor, “Losing One’s Way in NeverNeverLand”

Jason Overby, “Every Johnny Ryan Parody Ever”

Jason Overby, “In Offense of Wonder/In Advance of Discrete Funk”

Sean Michael Robinson, “The Collector”

Johnny Ryan, “Every Autobiographical Comic Ever”

Michelle Smith, “Hating on Season Eight”

Bert Stabler, “Flowers for the Smartest Kid on Earth”

Subdee, “I Hate You Because I Love You, Shonen Jump Boys Club Edition”

Jason Thompson, “From Habibi to Tezuka, With Ono In Between”

Ng Suat Tong, “EC Comics and the Chimera of Memory, Part 1”

Ng Suat Tong “”EC Comics and the Chimera of Memory, Part 2”

Matthias Wivel, “New Yorker Cartoons: A Legacy of Mediocrity”

The End of Hate

The Popularity of Hate

Hating the Sin and the Sinner

Matt Seneca Speaks Out For the Love of Rage Bile

Kim Thompson on Race, Caricature, and Spirou and Fantasio

Steven Grant on the Crappification of Comics and Why it Still Makes Sense to Work in Them

Mahendra Singh Destroys Western Civilization

Ben Saunders on the Inconsistency of V for Vendetta

John Hemmings on Hiding the Geoff Johns Comics From the Children

Matthew Brady on Kirby, the King

Open Thread: Is Cerebus the Worst Comic Ever?”



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