On Monday, Richard Cook and I are going to liveblog the final Presidential debate. Can comics critics be as ignorant and irritating as political pundits? Direct your browsers this-a-way on Monday October 22, at 9 PM Eastern and find out for yourself.

Featured Archive Post: Caroline Small on the prose of Eddie Campbell’s Pants.

Nicolas Labarre with a comics summary of horror film Redneck Zombies.

Me criticizing Ben Schwartz’s Best American Comics Criticism.

Rory D. on the ultraviolence of Go Nagai’s Devilman.

Oliver Ristau on Blexbolex’s No Man’s Land.

Me on Geoff Johns’ godawful Teen Titans.

Richard Cook expresses skepticism about David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas.

Russ Maheras on Steve Ditko and the greatest Spider-Man arc ever.

Me with a look at Fantagraphics early Ditko anthology.

My incredibly talented eight-year-old gives you pictures of dragons behaving like cats.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At the Atlantic, I talk about Brandy’s new album and the sad fate of the pop star auteur.

At Splice I talk about America’s terror that their kids might learn something at school.

Also at Splice I argue that America needs fewer political visionaries.
Other Links

Ben Saunders on the Peanuts exhibit at the University of Oregon.

Salon on the deceptive biography of an education reformer.

The Atlantic on Violentacrez and trolls; also a great comment from that Atlantic article about mainstreaming sexism and other matters. Millicent Somer on Violentacrez’s ruined life and gendered privacy and identity; Zeynap on Violentacrez and (related) Salon on Anonymous tracking down Amanda Todd’s harasser.
This Week’s Reading

Read the Geoff Johns Teen Titans volume I reviewed this week, Joe Sacco’s Footnotes in Gaza, and started Henry James’ The Golden Bowl.

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