Me on some unexpected facts about penises.

Me on Pretty Woman and hating Richard Gere rather than Julia Roberts.

Me on pulp and genius in Joe Sacco, and on whether that’s a good reason for comics journalism.

Richard Cook and I liveblog the last Presidential debate, and are depressed.

Jacob Canfield on the lazy criticism directed at Johnny Ryan and Benjamin Marra.

Ethan on the advantages of comics journalism.

Kailyn Kent on the unconvincing gimmickry of Chris Ware’s Building Stories.

Me on Clark Kent becoming a blogger and the virtues of mainstream comics pandering.

Sarah Horrocks on Druillet’s Salaambo.

Me on the different sizes of the Stepford Wives.

Vom Marlowe on Worsted, a webcomic about knitting.

Me on how atheists can be sexist assholes too.
Utilitarians Everywhere

Bunch of pieces at Splice:

On undecided voters maybe not mattering.

On NPR being useless on the election.

On Marty Robbins and nice cowboys who shoot you.

On Richard Moudock, power, and rape.

Other Links

Craig Fischer on Building Stories.

Emma Woolley on being constantly harassed as a teen girl.

Mary Williams on the war on 12-year-old girls.
This Week’s Reading

Finished Henry James’ The Golden Bowl, started Ronald Firbank’s “Vainglory”, and am rereading Phillip Pullman’s Grimm Fairy Tales for a review.

Below is a puggle, which is apparently what you call a baby echidna. Cute!

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