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James Romberger’s awesome collaboration with Wallace Stevens from HU’s illustrated Wallace Stevens roundtable was selected as a notable comic of the year in this year’s Best American Comics anthology. Regular contributor Derik Badman also was selected for his comic Badman’s Cave. Congratulations to both of them!

Subdee on how she would love Bakuman except for that one thing.

Conseula Francis on why she hates Watchmen.

Vom Marlowe on the misguided craft of Alex Ross.

Melinda Beasi on why she hates the Kim Dong Hwa’s Color Trilogy.

Sean Michael Robinson on hating the collection, not the collector.

Matthias Wivel on the New Yorker’s legacy of mediocre cartoons.

Jones, One of the Jones Boys explains why there can’t be a worst comic ever — and points out many comics that are nonetheless quite bad.

By popular demand (more or less) we have an ongoing thread on whether Cerebus is the worst comic ever.

Me on Nana #22 and the worst comic being the one that doesn’t exist.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At Splice I talk about Chris Connelly and nostalgia for cassettes.

At Splice I make fun of the Economist’s vapid knee-jerk bipartisanship.

At Splice, I urge panicking Obama supporters to chill the fuck out.
Other Links

Martyn Pedlar on Theo Ellsworth’s The Understanding Monster.

This Week’s Reading

Lilli Carre’s Nine Ways to Disappear, which wasn’t bad, but a little disappointing; Jeffrey Brown’s Darth Vader and Son, which wasn’t great, but more enjoyable than I expected; Philip Core’s Camp: the Lie That Tells the Truth, which is amazing; Aubrey Beardsley’s “Under the Hill”, and started Kate Soper’s “Humanism and Anti-Humanism”.

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