Featured Archive Post: Ng Suat Tong on Tony Millionaire, love, and monkeys.

A electronica dance pop downloadable mix.

Jacob Canfield tries to find a motion comic that does not suck.

Kailyn Kent reviews Bart Beaty’s book, Comics vs. Art.

Jason Dittmer responds to my review of his book on Captain America and nationalist superheroes.

Me on Alun Llewellyn’s sci-fi classic The Strange Invaders, and why dystopias are always utopias.

RM Rhodes on Iain M. Banks and the problems with genre.

Charles Hatfield on why Maus is not glib (Voices from the Archive.)

Vom Marlowe puts together some links to Youtube videos showing artists inking.
Utilitarians Everywhere

Slate kindly let me plug Johnny Ryan’s Prison Pit #4.

At Splice I talk about Nate Silver and the morality of prediction.
Other Links

John Horgan on teaching evolution to creationist students.

Choice Joyce compares pro-life groups to anti-prostitution feminists.

Amanda Hess argues that porn stars aren’t any more likely to have been abused as children than other women (that is, they are fairly likely to have been abused.)

Alyssa Rosenberg on why James Gunn shouldn’t be involved in bringing Marvel’s Captain Marvel to film.

David Brothers on why he writes about race and comics.
This Week’s Reading

I reread the four volumes of Johnny Ryan’s Prison Pit, read C.L. Moore’s Vintage Season, and started Auden’s Selected Poems. Also read a preview of David Wojnarowicz/James Romberger/Marguerite Van Cook’s “7 Miles Per Second,” which is great. And reading John Christopher’s “The Possessors,” which is also pretty fantastic.

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