We’re headed into the holidays, obviously. Posting will be lighter than usual, though something or t’other will probably go up most days. In any case, have a happy season of happiness!

Featured Archive Post: me on Jack Cole’s pin-up art.

Vom Marlowe on the Inspector Lewis television cozies.

Bert Stabler on the radical feminism of St. Paul.

Subdee on Yamagishi Ryouko’s gender-bending Hatshepsut.

My nine-year-old provides a searing cultural critique of Brave and Django, Unchained.

I talk about how Bart Beaty’s ideas are my ideas, and comics scholars vs. comics bloggers. Beaty freaks out in comments, more or less confirming my thesis.

Alex Buchet on how the King drew Mickey, and other Kirby oddities.

Kim Thompson in comments on the rationale behind Fanta’s recent Kurtzman reissues.

I have some comments on the genocide against the orcs.

Domingos Isabelinho on the Brussels court and Tintin in the Congo.

Jog with the only epic contrarian Bollywood essay you’ll need this holiday season.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At the Atlantic I have a piece on Peter Jackson’s violent betrayal of Tolkien. I think this is now close to the most read thing I’ve ever written.

Also at the Atlantic, they let me write about Quentin Tarnatino’s great Jackie Brown and masculinity.

At Splice I talk about Tokien’s Hobbit and children’s lit vs. epic fantasy.

Also at Splice, I explain why I am not metal enough for Velnias.

And finally I contributed to Splice’s poll of best albums of the year.

Other Links

C.T. May on Sean Howe’s history of Marvel Comics.

Brian Cremins on Captain Marvel, gender, and department stores.

Qiana Whitted on Delany and comics definitions.

Bart Beaty interviewed at the Comics Grid.

This Week’s Reading

For a review I finished the first 50 Shades of Grey; only two more to go, god help me. Finished Alasdair MacIntyre’s “Whose Justice? Which Rationality?” by skipping over most of the incredibly detailed discussions of historical philosophical traditions and going straight to the ranting about how liberalism abstracts ideas from their philosophical traditions. Read John Christopher’s excellent “The Long Winter”. Started for review “The River of No Return,” by Bee Ridgway, aka Bethany Schneider, a dear friend I went to Oberlin with many, many moons ago.


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