I’ve been invited to write a bit more regularly for the Atlantic’s Sexes channel — so keep an eye over there if that sounds interesting.


Caroline Small on authenticity and Aline Kominsky-Crumb (featured archive post.)

I review Biomega and Ikigami and see things blow up while learning life lessons.

I review Wu Tsang’s Wildness, a film about a Hispanic trans bar.

Me on whether Johnny Ryan or Raymond Chandler is more of a man.

Ng Suat Tong on Mattotti and Zentner’s Crackle of the Frost.

Tucker Stone on 100 Bullets (Voices from the Archive.)

Matt Brady on the horror comics of Emily Carroll.

Me on Raymond Chandler’s misogyny.

Kailyn Kent on Saul Steinberg, the cult of genius, and the status anxiety of cartooning.

Me on why liberals should stop worrying about creationism already.

Richard Cook on gender and Jaeger in Carla Speed McNeil’s Finder:Voice.

Utilitarians Everywhere

At the Atlantic I think about why Katy Perry doesn’t identify as feminist.

At the Atlantic I review Playing For Keeps, and explain why infidelity doesn’t make the man.

And again at the Atlantic, I point out that Ross Douthat is a decadent tool of modernity who hates children.

At Splice I explain why the fiscal cliff is the founding father’s fault.

At Splice, I write about the smaller-than-life soul of Womack and Womack.

Other Links

The Magic Pixie Dust Prostitute (HT Alyssa Rosenberg.)

Amanda Marcotte rejects Ross Douthat’s population growth concern trolling.

Neil McArthur on stupid social trend articles.

C.T May dives into memeing.
This Week’s Reading

Read a bit more Auden poetry and then got bored; read a slim Alasdair MacIntyre lecture volume on atheism; read Stanley Hauerwas’ excellent memoir Hannah’s Child; started Jared Diamond’s new book The World Until Yesterday, hopefully for a review. Also started Bart Beaty’s Comics vs. Art.

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