Virality, here we come! Counting down the twenty-five worst mash-ups-cum-memes of all time:

25. Hitler’s rant in Downfall re-subtitled with a speech by Josef Stalin

24. The cast of Mama’s Family drawn as the cast of Growing Pains

23. The cast of Growing Pains drawn as the cast of Mama’s Family

22. IRS form 1040 Schedule A drawn as IRS form 1040 Schedule B

21. The domain of natural numbers drawn as the domain of irrational numbers

20. Crossover fan fiction between Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice

19. Pride and Prejudice and Tax Accountants

18. Pride and Prejudice and Sensibility

17. Pride and Prejudice

16. Being and Time as if written by Immanuel Kant

15. Being and Time as if written by Martin Heidegger, but in a comedy French accent

14. Being and Time

13. Hamlet as if written by Francis Bacon/[alternate selection] Hamlet as if written by William Shakespeare

12. Fantastic Four, Thor, X-Men, Hulk, Spider-Man as if created by Stan Lee

11. Manga and other comics and comic strips as if created without an uncredited staff of quote-assistants-unquote

10. Damien Hirst

9. Modernism as if postmodernism

8. This list as if your mom

7. As if

6. Garfield without dialogue, Garfield, Jon, Odie, Jon’s supposed girlfriend, any other characters objects or places, panel borders, panels, lines, art, language, shapes, space, time, being, non-being, non-non-being, lasagne, Mondays or that one girl cat that was Garfield’s girlfriend

5. This space intentionally left blank

4. Humour in the form of lists, alleged humour in the form of lists, self-referential alleged humour in the form of lists, physician troll thyself,

3. humour in the form of flowcharts, 99% of webcomics, any blog that turns into a book deal, Boing Boing, Deviantart, Metafilter, 4chan, tumblr, Know your “meme”, TV Tropes,

2. actually, let’s just say the entire fucking internet

1. And, finally, ninja pirates who turn into gorilla werewolves riding skateboards with the robot head of zombie Abraham Lincoln and they’re also MODOKS mashed up with the cast of Lost dressed as the Beatles drawn as kittens dressed in oversized ALF suits rendered in LEGO if LEGO were an 8-bit Nintendo game in Victorian Steampunk times as a minimalist poster of a vintage paperback

Also, Cthulu is involved somehow.

…Oh no wait you guys #1 is the most quote AWESOME unquote idea ever AMIRITE

Image attribution: Dan Clowes, Eightball #4

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