Featured Archive Post: Ng Suat Tong on original comics art and a nostalgia for racism.

I talk about Irish music and authenticity.

Voices from the Archive: Matt Thorn on Kirby and the world outside his skull.

Bert Stabler on the new free Chicago comics issue of Lumpen.

Emma Vossen kicks off a short Twilight roundtable by explaining why you should hate Twilight hate memes.

I argue that Edward is a male variation on the manic pixie dream girl.

Peter Sattler wonders what reading influenced Kirby (Charles Hatfield, Jeet Heer, and James Romberger weigh in, among many.)

Mette Ivie Harrison on Bella as a Mormon Goddess.

Charles Reece ends our twilight roundtable with a whimper, as he explains why he hated the series too much to write about it.

We had the first of what may be a regular music sharing post…so let us know what you’ve been listening to if that appeals.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At the Atlantic I got to write about the great romance of Charlotte and Mr. Collins in Pride and Prejudice.

At the Atlantic I argue that geeks are not necessarily bullied for being geeks (but instead for reasons involving class and gender.)

At the Loyola Center for Digital Ethics I write about the ethics of scanlation.

At Splice Today I argue that US employers are crippled by their hatred of workers.

Also at Splice I talk about the great gospel duo The Consolers.
Other Links

Eleanor Barkhorn on not overselling marriage.

Amanda Marcotte argues that my feminist argument against women in combat is wrong.

The American Conservative on right-wing copyleft.

Miss Universe national costumes.

This story about being out with HIV made me cry.
This Week’s Reading

I finished Sense and Sensibility, read for review a preview copy of Alex Sayf Cummings’ book about the history of music piracy, Democracy of Sound, and started Elmore Leonard’s Get Shorty…which is mediocre, but plugs along quickly. Also started Storms, Carol Ann Harris’ memoir of dating Lindsey Buckingham…which I may or may not finish….


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