Featured Archive Post: Monika Bartyzel on Bella, Buffy, and Katniss.

Me on Jack Hill’s Switchblade Sisters and the feminist revolution.

Voices from the Archive: I express some skepticism about the excellence of Eddie Campbell’s prose.

Jacob Canfield reviews a bunch of student-run college comics publications.

Brian Cremins on the end of the Comics Buyer’s Guide and Matt Levin’s Walking Man comics.

I talk about gender in comics by Lilli Carré and Derik Badman.

Jog on why he writes the comics criticism he writes.

Bert Stabler asked folks to help him out with recommendations of comics for his high school art class.

Vom Marlowe reviews Lunch Lady and the League of Librarians.

Our weekly shared music post features Wax Audio’s amazing mashup “Stayin’ Alive in the Wall.”
Utilitarians Everywhere

At the Atlantic I wrote about Azzarello’s violent, man-pandering Wonder Woman.

Also at the Atlantic I talk about noir and misogyny and Steven Soderbergh’s Side Effects.

At Splice Today I explain that Matthew Houk is not as cool as Johnny Cash, and that he should really shut up.

Also at Splice I write about the ambience of pop and the pop of ambience.

Other Links

Alyssa Rosenberg talks about video games and the violent fantasies of the gun lobby.

Carly Lewis suggests that men stop writing celebrity profiles of women.

Helen Rittelmeyer on less sex and more God at Yale.

Russ Smith speculates on personnel changes at TNR.

A short piece on the state of video games.

Jadehawk on whether there will be sex work in the feminist utopia.

C.T. May sneers at House of Cards.
This Week’s Reading

Finished Carol Ann Harris’ Fleetwood Mac tell-all memoir; read Franklin Einspruch’s Comics as Poetry anthology; read the Azzarello/Chiang second volume of Wonder Woman; just started Anne Bronte’s Agnes Grey.


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