Featured Archive Post: Qiana Whitted on Blues Comics.

Chris Gavaler on the silence of Black Bolt and the silence of Clarence Thomas.

Peter Suderman interviews me briefly about imperialism and pop culture.

Betsy Phillips on Jake Austen and Yuval Taylor’s Darkest America, about the black tradition of blackface minstrelsy.

Michael Arthur interviews the artist Corinne Halbert about basements, lust and foxes.

I argue that Anne Bronte also liked assholes.

Vom Marlowe on Yun Kouga’s Loveless #10.

Jog on Akshay Kumar and subversive Bollywood.

Friday music sharing post featuring psychy Stones vs. grungy Stones.
Utilitarians Everywhere

I talk about the ethics of mashups at the Center for Digital Ethics.

At the Atlantic

— I talk about Stephenie Meyer’s the Host and the invasion of the lovey-dovey body snatchers.

—I argue that Stephenie Meyer is a feminist, just like she says.

—I argue that we’re in a good place when even not very insightful political hacks like Rob Portman support gay marriage.

At Splice I discuss research suggesting that C-sections are often performed without medical reason.

And also at Splice I got to talk about my favorite Pink Floyd album.

You can now read my article on Junji Ito in Italian.
Other Links

David Brothers on Spider-Man turning fifty.

Chris Orr argues with me about rom coms (there’s some back and forth in comments too.)

Very satisfying takedown of Bob Woodward.

As a freelancer who writes for the Atlantic, this hurts. (HT Caro)
This Week’s Reading

I finished Stephenie Meyer’s The Host, read Kathryn Tanner’s “The Economy of Grace” about applying theology to economic matters, read the 1983-84 Peanuts volume.


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