Chris Gavaler is joining us as a regular blogger. Welcome aboard Chris!

It’s about two years since our Victorian Wire post took over the internets.


Featured Archive Post: Alec Stevens on Christian Comics.

The 1993 Rolling Stone Record Guide. 2 Stars for Reign in Blood?

Saying the same thing over and over about gun violence.

Aishwarya Subramanian on Timpa, an Indian comic inspired by Tintin.

Alex Buchet on the strange collaboration between Steve Ditko and Eric Stanton.

Mahendra Singh on how Tintin is the perfect hero for Indian children.

Thomas Hardy vs. Charles Schulz. Bonk.

Chris Gavaler on Jack Kirby’s metafiction.

Erin Polgreen asks whether comics journalism can be funny.

Gary Groth appeared in comments to talk about Al Plastino’s Peanuts.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At the Atlantic, I talk about:

why women’s magazines treat women much like men’s magazines do. Sharon Marcus knows all.

why there should be less handwringing about expensive weddings. Bonus anecdote about how my wife proposed to me!

Megan McArdle’s silly argument that gay marriage will end the sexual revolution.

the uncanny valley awfulness of The Host.

On Splice Today, I talk about:

Child Ballads, and good and bad versions of ancient songs about murder and death.

A Civil Remedy, a documentary about trafficking, and different experiences of prostitution.
Other Links

Stop fat shaming Kim Kardashian. She’s fucking pregnant.

Nanette Fondas on myths about mothers who opt out.

Kate Losse on the downsides of leaning in.

Amanda Marcotte argues that Victoria’s secret sexy underwear for teens is fine.
This Week’s Reading

Finished David Graeber’s Debt. Read for review a preview of Jal Mehta’s excellent book about school reform, The Allure of Order. Started Octavia Butler’s Kindred.Also still reading The Two Towers to my son…got to the trek through Mordor, which I think is the best part so far….


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