So we’ve had another week of our Comics and Music roundtable Individual posts are below, but it’s kind of fun to skim through the ever-growing list as well.

Featured Archive Post: Hating and loving the end of Nana.

Me on Beethoven and Charlie Brown.

Chris Gavaler on Two-Face and the bad (and good) of chaos.

Kailyn Kent on soundtracks for comics.

Marc Sobel on Reinhard Kleist’s comics biography of Johnny Cash.

Michael Arthur with a black metal/My Little Pony mash-up. Sort of.

Ng Suat Tong on the opera adaptations of P. Craig Russell.

Chris Gavaler on the top 5 Superman songs of all time.

Utilitarians Everywhere

At the Chicago Reader, I reviewed an anthropological study of Hello Kitty and globalization.

On the Atlantic, I wrote about

Alex Woolfson/Winona Nelson’s gay romance android sci-fi comic Artifice

Oneida, where men learn to have sex without orgasm by practicing on menopausal women.

quitting, women, and the workforce.

the George Jones/Tammy Wynette duets, since George ones died this week.

At Splice Today, I wrote about:

Abortion and violence.

the temptation to waterboard George Bush.
Other Links

Ashley Fetters on why Ke$ha’s autobio-doc is better than Beyoncé’s.

Amanda Marcotte on prosecuting prostitutes for carrying condoms.
This Week’s Reading

I’m having some freelance job turmoil, which is stressful and playing havoc with my reading. But I finished Nora Olsen’s Swans and Klons which I’m hoping somebody will pay me to review, and am rereading Heather Love’s Reading Backward. And finished the Two Towers with my son; started on Return of the King.

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