The cartoonist Fred died this week. Take a minute to check out Domingos Isabelinho’s post looking at his work.

Th eweek of the 15th we’re going to start a comics and music roundtable. If you’ve got a post you’d like to write on that theme, let me know. You can email me at myname at gmail.


A brief post on comics that work in a gallery and those that don’t.

For Easter, a post on death metal and bluegrass gospel.

Featured Archive Post Fabrice Neaud on Aritophane’s Conte Dominaque. trans. by Derik Badman, intro by Domingos Isabelinho.

Jacob Canfield on the problems with animation adaptations of comics — particularly Axe Cop, Calvin and Hobbes, and Achewood.

Sarah Shoker on Harry Potter and multiculturalism.

I talk about comics vs. fashion editorials.

Domingos Isabelinho on the the blind man and the elephant, if the elephant was Jack Kirby.

Chris Gavaler on Clark Kent and the passive voice.

The Incredible String Band wants to know what music you listened to this week.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At Reason I review Peter Eichstadt’s new book about the mess that is Afghanistan.

At the Atlantic I talk about

Waldorf education and not sweating the gnomes.

hook up culture and my college experiences. Humiliating, though not quite in the way you may be expecting.

teaching kids to apologize.

—the Atlanta teachers scandal and how cheating is caused by high-stakes testing.

At Splice Today I write about:

— the awesomeness of fIREHOSE.

class and changing ideas of marriage.
Other Links
Sharon Marcus on comparative sapphism.

This Week’s Reading

Finished Octavia Butler’s Kindred; read around in Brian Attebery’s “Decoding Gender in Science Fiction”, and (on his recommndation) started Gwyneth Jones’ White Queen.

I also saw John Carter, the film, this week. Which was an entirely adequate sci-fi space opera. Not sure why people hated it so much?


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