Featured Archive Post: Adam Stephanides begs you not to rearrange the manga.

A commenter named Alexander on why as a trans man he loves Sailor Moon.

Me on sequence in Satoshi Kitamura’s children’s book “When Sheep Can’t Sleep”.

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Me on the advertising campaign for the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat make-up pen, and how capitalism will eat the self (for better or worse.)
Utilitarians Everywhere

At the Atlantic I talk about

— how the recent Gatsby film erased Nick’s gayness.

David Bowie’s glib, stupid anti-Catholicism.

At Splice Today I talk about

— the great jazz trombonist Bill Harris honking.

Angelina Jolie, mastectomies and femininity.

—The Julianne Moore rom-com The English Teacher, and how it’s supposed to be set in my hometown.
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Barack Obama sucks.

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Elissa Strauss provides a manifesto for lazy birthing.


A house down the street from where I grew up. Significantly less chic than any of the houses in the rom-com The English Teacher

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