Last week in Paris, disparate Utilitarians united.


That’s Sean Michael Robinson and Alex Buchet, no doubt discussing comics.

Along those lines; I’m going to be in San Francisco in a couple weeks; if any Utilitarian folks live out that way, let me know….

Featured Archive Post: Deb Aoki with a fan letter to Jaime Hernandez.

Vom Marlowe reviews Elementary.

Me on the incompetent venality of Bluewater’s Oprah bio comic.

Jog on the nameless assistants who worked on Misturu Adachi’s Cross Game.

I interview Bee Ridgway on her novel The River of No Return, history, romance, genre, queerness, and more.

Michael Arthur on Madoka Magica, and young girls who suffer for us all.

Chris Gavaler on the retconning of dinosaurs, superheroes, and Mormons.

Richard Cook reviews the film Les Miserables.

Me on how country music has gotten more racist since Jimmie Rodgers’ day.
Utilitarians Everywhere

At the Atlantic I wrote about:

how the gender-role revolution didn’t start with millenials.

Wonder Woman, Cimorene, and more princesses for everybody.

the non-democratic closing of Chicago’s public schools

At Splice I wrote about how Rahm and Obama learned to be dictators in Chicago.

Other Links

Nanette Fondas on how parents read more to their daughters than to their sons.

Jessica Hopper from a bit back on Kid Sister.

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