Featured Archive Post Anja Flower on queerness and the uses of yaoi.

Nicolas Labarre reviews Blood Feast in 5 panels.

Me on W.W. Denslow’s beginning chapter illustrations for the Wizard of Oz.

Me on gender and comics in Dan Clowes’ Wilson and Like a Velvet Glove.

Ng Suat Tong on Graham Chaffee’s Good Dog.

James Romberger on gender and film in Godard’s Contempt.

Chuck Berry for the 4th of July.

Chris Gavaler on World War Z, stay at home dads, and Muslim zombies.
Utilitarians Everywhere

I write about changes in fatherhood and the rising number of single dads at the Atlantic.

I wrote about confronting trafficking without arguing that all prostitutes are trafficked at the Goodmen Project.

At Splice Today I wrote about

People’s coverage of a transgender girl and the bedrock reality of gender.

Chicago Public Radio’s awful, eugenics-like marketing campaign.
Other Links

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On the Baffler’s new editor.

Abigail Rine on how he’s not sleeping through the night yet.

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Genevieve Valentine on harassment at cons and other places.

Amy Julia Becker on reading and disability.

Mary McCarthy on Internet trolls.


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